Friday, July 3, 2009

We actually care, imagine that ^_^


Sapphire Pyro said...

Don't care, just do your job and shut up



I'm a fan of almost all genres so just do whatever you feel like doing. It would suck if you'll just force yourselves to watch and write about what you don't really like ^^; (so don't go drama & slice of life, also comedy and harem if they will drive you insane xD) Save yourselves from eternal damnation xD Haha!

but wait, you guys seriously hate comedy? or you meant comedy + harem, (hilarious harem), not as separate genres? o_O

Animenerdz said...

we meant as a a stand alone, comedy in anime is really not as popular...I don't think I've seen a good animated comedy in the last year...or ever

blur said...

"Just do your job" :p

Every genre will always have something interesting. So don't skip out on any genre and review aaaaallllllll the shit the anime world has to offer. Lol!