Monday, July 13, 2009

Afro Samurai Resurrection

So when we last saw Afro, he had finally avenged his father's death and claimed the Number One headband, making him the most powerful swordsman in the world. Well, the story in this Afro Samurai movie called Resurrection picks up some time later. Afro lives a peaceful, isolated life. His sword, and his fighting spirit have dulled. Nevertheless the legendary master is forced back into the game of killing by those who demand his blood in payment for the pain he dealt on his path to vengeance. You see, when you have the Number Two headband, you kill a lot of people. And I mean A FUCKING LOT. So now, Afro is forced back into the role of unstoppable killer, and his flawless technique will drop all who stand in his way as he fights his way back to Number One status. This movie is practically like a 2nd season. Let's not forget that the original Afro Samurai had 5 episodes of 24 minutes, so it's like watching a 2nd season. A more beautifully designed 2nd season, but unfortunately with a decent story. Some chick wants to resurrect Afro's father, in order to have him fight against Afro. It's stupid and kind of annoying. But at least we get to see those gore fight that made Afro Samurai the masterpiece it is. The sound is also gorgeous. You better pick up the volume while watching this movie, cause the beat is banging. Awesome hip-hop makes the movie even more entertaining. As I have already mentioned, the plot is kind of weak. Let me put in this way. It's Afro and all the characters he killed in the original series, adding some new to that bunch. And he fucking kills them all. Another major point of complaint is the ending. Some viewers will love it, but others will believe it's too predictable. It's not that perfect ending everyone was waiting for, but it's good enough. Good enough for me, that is.

Graphics 10/10
Sound 9.5/10
Storyline 8/10
Characters 9/10
Overall 9/10

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