Friday, July 17, 2009


This buffalo shit is a timeless mess that anyone even slightly interested in science fiction or animation should watch before they die. I won't explain any part of the story, as that information can easily be found elsewhere. I will simply try to explain how I feel about this movie, and why. After watching this movie for the first time, I felt like my mind had been blown - which is the second best body part to get blown. I really couldn't stop thinking about obnoxious characters. Those of you who voted for Saw 3 for Best Picture Oscar I think will find a certain charm in its brutality and plot about friendship and rivalry between two young gang punks killing about 831.5 people and then trying to kill each other. On top of that, it's also got great action scenes, 'cause, hey, how else do you kill off about 831.5 people? In fact, about fucking 98% of the people shown in the film die before the end of it.

If honestly, the biggest mistake Akira makes is that, if a movie wants to make people think about it's "hidden meaning", for people to try hard to understand its point, the film should at least offer something to draw the viewer in. Something like enjoyable characters, interesting concepts, or at least something just plain nice to look at. Some positive elements that can make one grow to like a movie. Akira does none of this and is, from start to finish, a piece of fucking shit. It may be just a matter of personal taste, but the character designs was horrible. The film is populated by some ugly goblins with shitty dressing habits. Good Lord, what the fuck. How can one possibly be interested by such a cast of characters who look like radiation-deformed Hiroshima wankers, let alone like them?

The first hour or so is very entertaining if you put your brain on "silent mode" and just don't try to think much about the plot...really stunning animation. But then you can't hold back...and start trying to make sense of what the hell you are experiencing...and honnestly, I couldn't figure it out. The same scenes are whipping and the carnage grows (and I started caring less) the final half hour it's one big colorful blur of vomit...what's going on? I'm bored...something's gotta's all going to be explained...what? THE END? oh, never mind;
In my humble opinion, Akira will always remain the most overrated piece of Anime garbage. Good visuals do not make a good movie.

Graphics 9.5/10
Sound 7/10
Storyline 6/10
Characters 6/10
Overall 7/10

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kadian1364 said...

Good visuals can make a good movie, and Akira was for about an hour. When it suddenly tried to convey this hidden meaning is where it went off the tracks.

Overrated? Maybe, but it's required viewing for any anime neophyte, burgeoning otaku, or anyone wanting an explanation of why anime isn't just Saturday morning cartoons.