Monday, July 27, 2009

Soul Eater

When I first heard of the Soul Eater phenomenon on the internet I thought it was another pathetic excuse of using shinigamis in order to attract the viewers. It did prove me wrong but didn’t impress. Let’s start talking about the good parts of Soul Eater. We have some breathtaking action scenes filled with unbelievable camera angles that transfer the viewer into the action. The comedy moments are hilarious but sometimes not as suitable at the moment. The cast is compelling with some minor side plots filling for the almost inexistent main plot. Talking about a main plot in Soul Eater is like punching a baby with a baseball bat: quick and painless. No continuance and also no consistency in what it delivered. The pilot episode presents the 2 main heroes and some of the world they live in. It doesn’t make any sense showing us that there is this school filled with gifted children that fight in the name of a Death God but then to totally ignore their school activities and purpose by the end of the season. Some of the worse shit that is going on in Soul Eater is the fillers. You know what I’m talking about. Those retarded Excalibur moments that keep popping around the Soul Eater universe whenever Excalibur feels like it and you least expect it.

The drama fillers are also boring and predictable, and they mainly consist of Maka, the main hero, considering the world and its purpose and weighting different choices she has to do in order to do that or the other thing. Bitch, make up your mind. We have 7 heroes. There are 3 Masters and 4 Weapons. So that leaves a lot of room by the end of the season to choose a savior from. Although we fucking have a character called SOUL EATER, which should leave no frigging doubt in whether he is the one to save us all, the creators just keep gang raping your ideas and expectations and just use the boring tit-less Maka. The sound is awesome, with the battle themes fluently changing in adventure and comedy sequences. If you didn’t see Soul Eater I should probably not ruin the ending for you, but it is too retarded not to complain about it.

So the whole story revolves around this Kishin dude, the all mighty motherfucker, and the main nemesis in the perfect world created by Shinigami. He escapes and then by the end of the series you see him again but this time more powerful and scary. He is STOPPED by a fist full of shit called courage. You probably don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. We have Maka, killing the biggest antagonist of the whole season with a fucking punch. HE DEFEATED SHINIGAMI 2 episodes earlier, so what the fuck is going on. The ending just ruined a piece of awesomeness. And you definitely see it coming. By the end of the second season bad shit is as common as flies on a dead animal. Overall Soul Eater was an excellent series with one of the worse endings ever, and a stupid choice for a savior.

Graphics 9/10
Sound 9.5/10
Storyline 8.5/10
Characters 9.5/10
Overall 9/10

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kluxorious said...

the manga is a whole lot more GAR than the anime.