Monday, July 6, 2009

First Look: Pandora Hearts

Well, to tell you the truth, I have mixed feelings for this one. At first it seems like a nice story, but then… I don’t know, too much stuff started happening at once. The story is about a rich kid called Oz Bezarius, or Vessalius like in wiki. I don’t get it, can’t they name him in the dub like they named him in other sources? Why don’t they give him a common name for all sources? Well whatever, that’s not the series fault. So the story (I won’t get into details) seems quite intriguing, but it’s nothing truly original. It has that distinct ,,been there done that” feeling. And I also don’t like how they present it in the 2 episodes I watched. I mean the 1st episode is boring and doesn’t progress much, but in the 2nd all Hell brakes loose all of a sudden. When this kid takes an oath to protect the family’s honor 3 assholes come and ruin his ceremony and try to imprison him in the Abyss. Then some girl comes and protects him. And everybody starts making revelations about this guy, like ,,Oh, we forgot to mention, but he fucked your mother.”. The 3 assholes, who are shinigamis (Death Gods) by the way, say that he is the prophesied one and that his existence is a sin, the girl says he is the key, many say that he is the heir, then his friend says that one of those shinigamis is someone they know, etc. Also that girl transforms into a giant blood eyed rabbit and fights the 3 assholes. I just can’t grasp the concept that 3 Gods of Death have trouble with a frigging rabbit. I mean they are supposed to be very powerful, like clap their hands and kill everybody. So why are they so weak? If they were the lieutenants of the Death Gods then it would be fine, but no… they are the Death Gods.
The graphics are a bit outdated for 2009. They look more like 2004. It’s not a bad thing, but they’re nothing special, just to keep you going. And the sound is balls cause some of the voice cast is annoying, like some are squeaky and some voices that are supposed to be a boy’s voice sounds more like a girl. The music is truly NOT memorable.
Overall I don’t have much expectation from this one. I’ll still watch it when the full season comes out, but I don’t keep my hopes high. It isn’t original, the characters aren’t lovable, and I doubt they will be likable, and on top of that the comedy is kind of pathetic.


Double H said...

I agree with you, the first episode of this anime is kinda boring xD

Sapphire Pyro said...

I'm a fan of this xD

I admit the first two episodes were quite a disappointment. Also the art.

But they get better later. The story is actually good and has very nice plot twists~

the music and comedy's my type though. well, depends on one's preferences ^^;

as for the shinigami thing, I think they're not literally shinigamis. Just people who . . err . . are tasked to kill. And B-rabbit is no ordinary rabbit/chain/monster/whatever. Things about that get explained starting episode 3. So yeah, it's really no wonder the rabbit had been too strong for them. Hehe~