Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Look: K-On!

What the fuck is wrong with you people? How come this garbage, this bag of crap can have so many fans? It is so retarded. I saw 2 episodes, and trust me, IT IS STUPID. I know, you're gonna say "Well, you are a boy, and that's why you don't like it." Touché, but that doesn't make it less idiotic. K-On is about 4 girls. One is rich, one is boy-like, one is hot and the 4th is a moron. They all join the Light music club in their high-school, and start a band. That's all I can say about the plot from the 2 episodes I've seen. The visuals are pretty and lively. The jokes are just so simple and stupid, that seriously (no offence ladies, I love you all) you have to be a girl to actually enjoy them. Or gay. Gay might do it. For a music anime, it has not enough sounds, but maybe it's only because it's the start. Still, the moron can't play the guitar, so I guess it'll take her, let's say, 4-5 episodes to master it. I really don't see the potential to make it live up to its hype, but I guess perverted minds made this one of the most popular series this year. I saw a lot of top 5's and all of them had K-On! in there. Not me, though. This shit is bottom 5, till someone accidentally cuts my balls.

Expectation rating: 7/10


Double H said...

Negative review.. =_="
Well, different people different points of view.. Can`t say anything about it.

"4th is a moron" LOL!!! I know thats Yui~ xD

kluxorious said...

There is no real plot. That's for sure so if you expect something heavy then avoid watching this anime. K-On is made for the light-hearted suckers only.

Sapphire Pyro said...

K-on is not meant to be good storywise. It's simply just about girls playing music together and having fun. That's it.

What made this show popular? Mainly for the moe and pretty girls. Lost of people are bias for that. There are actually loads of male fans of this. They watch it for the pretty girls. While female fans watch it for the cute.

But the music really rocked in this show, imho. I love the tunes~ I don't care if the lyrics are too fluffy~

I'm a K-ON fan and what I love most in this series is the comedy. Got me amused~ (and it's awesome for having a Detroit Metal City reference!!!!)

I do agree that it doesn't really deserve such popularity though. (so many other series deserve it more) If I were to rate it, I think I'll just give it a 3 or 3.5 out of 5 ^^; Ehehehe