Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade

This movie is so bad it should be fucking illegal to watch it. Don't get me wrong. in the first ten minutes, the movie was able to hold my interest and it seemed as if it really might be good, HOW(fucking)EVER, it quickly became this sad, warped, Red Riding Hood fairy-tale, with an occasional automatic weapon killing losers. Near the beginning of the movie, it seemed that the main Rambo character was on drugs, which would have made this horrible movie watchable had I actually had some. As the movie progressed, it became increasingly painful for my brain to watch and just ridiculously overcomplicated. In Jin-Roh, they threw in what people call flash-backs, dreams, or conflicts within the main character. That is some sad shit to look at for 90 minutes. However, by the end you find out that they essentially lied to you about the whole situation since the main character doesn't even think those things to begin with, he knows exactly what's going on the whole time. WHAT THE FUCKING POINT OF SHOWING ME THAT??? Melodramatic is what this shit is called. During the first three fourths of this I was bored to tears. It plays the same grave-like melancholy atmosphere over and over and over and over again with almost no actual plot development. Among the movies I never ever want to see again, this definitely tops the list. It may be beautiful to look at but the plot is so confusing that I found it too hard understanding what it was all about. For some reason the men behind the script thought it was a good idea to put three different crime fighting groups with almost exactly the same names into this movie. Well, they did a fine job of confusing me at least.

The movie was ridiculous and it felt like it was at least 6 hours of my time wasted. I would give this a zero if I could, but I can't as the animation was pretty decent.

Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
Storyline 4/10
Characters 5/10
Overall 5/10


John Black said...

Thank god, finally a review that exposes this movie for what it really is: a waste of time. I saw this movie 5+ years ago after reading highly positive reviews.To this day I still don't understand why it is being praised. This movie is simply awful. Like you said, the first 10 minutes are kinda exiting but it goes downhill from there.

I give it a 3/10

Andrei said...

Vexille gets 9/10 and Jin-Roh 5/10?
o.O What is that u didn't get from the story? xD

Andrei said...

PS: Btw, u guys review a BUNCH of anime. U on Red Bull or extra coffee?
Found an old anime on some CD's that I have home. Its called Black Magic M-66. Is like terminator, but with a woman robot xD

Sapphire Pyro said...

it sucks? daaw . . . but the title attracts me *anything with the word "wolf" will attract her* too bad. so maybe I won't watch it.

Anonymous said...
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