Sunday, July 12, 2009

AnimeNerdz shit marathon

Yeah, you heard it right. My friend did a movie marathon and some were shitty, some were not, some overrated, some were good, but in the end these are considered by most to be classics and favorites. Well not what i'm about to watch and review. This is the real deal... this is THE SHIIIIIT.

I've considered doing this for a while but i didn't quite have the time to do it. But now i think it's time to deepen myself into the horrors of bad shit-ass, diarrhea-puking, monkey-farting, donkey-dick anime, that if you watch it once... it will scar you for the rest of your life. So this is the list:

1)Art of Fighting

Art is right, you really have to try to make such a friggin' ass-wiped masterpiece.

2)Crystal Triangle The Forbidden Message

Forbidden is a right choice of words... THIS THING SHOULD BE ILEGAL

3)Tekken The Motion Picture

How could they have fucked up Tekken so bad?

4)Ragnarok The Animation

Ragnarok means ,,The end of the world" in Norse mythology... Which is what should happen to this abomination!!

5)UFO Ultramiden Valkyrie

It's not just the genre that makes want to find the ones who made this and send them to Sun in a space ship made out of shit

So these are the ,,masterpieces" i will focus on for the time being. Some are movies, but some are series, so you can guess i'm puting myself through a lot of trouble just for your entertainment so... ENJOY


Sapphire Pyro said...

I've seen a different tekken movie. it was awesome, that one looked . . . weird.

I hate ragnarok the animation.

the others I'm not familiar with ^^;

Hyperion said...

probably you've seen the one from 2009 but this is the one from 1997

i heard many complaints about ragnarok

God bless your soul for staying away from such abominations

Andrei said...

Wow! Where did you found those "treasures"? :D I plan to watch some obscure anime myself. And big loads of those were made in the 80-90's. But I will recommend you one that is actually good. Try "Grey".

Hyperion said...

if you want an obscure piece of shit that will damn your soul try Violence Jack - the entire trilogy ( although if you read my reviews you will discover something about them)

Otaku Dan said...

smoking crack is better than watching those mistakes of humanity