Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist

I might get a lot of people pissed with my review, so I just want to make a point clear. The reviews we do on our blog, are OUR own personal opinion. Sometimes it does reflect the opinion of the planet, but in this case you will be disappointed, as I, AnimeNerdz really don't think FMA deserves the millions of fans it has. FMA is actually a very good example of a decent anime with good special effects, good animation and a pathetic story. But the worst of this show, is the annoying drama. The characters are crying almost all the time, and those scenes can be sometimes very predictable. FMA may be one of the best anime series of all the time, but as I told before, it is ,by far, not perfect. If you are that one guy, that can't stand watching melodramatic scenes, you were not made for this show. Nevertheless if you decide to put aside those flaws, and just wait for the action/adventure scenes, you can be sure that you will enjoy this anime show. The story is about 2 brothers who lived a normal life until they learned how to use Alchemy. Science that lets its users transmute matter using the principle of equal balance or Equivalent Exchange, as they call it in the series. As they were beginning to get the hang of using Alchemist, their mother passes away because of an illness that hasn't been treated. So they try bringing her back and fail. Epic fail. After that an adventure begins for the Elric Bros. An adventure filled with danger, mystery, rivals, and new friends. The storyline itself is utterly laughable, with every major "plot twist" coming a mile away, eventually ending in some kind of saga that just keeps on piling with cheap revelation after another until it becomes the story equivalent of a train wreck. Even the pathetic attempts at humor to lighten the mood are unfunny as they come. They often consist of main character Ed showing some temper, usually because someone by complete accident calls him short. As a result, the humor eventually winds up becoming just as stale. Being a music fan, I find it odd that I don't remember any of the music. It's definitely there and fitting, just not memorable. Overall this would be a good anime to start with, if your looking for one, but don't expect much, as you won't be rewatching it, I can say that.

Graphics 8.5/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 7/10
Characters 8/10
Overall 8/10


Sapphire Pyro said...

Well, I'm an FMA fan so of course I don't agree with many of your points. Especially the music. 4th OP of the first season was unforgettable to me =P

But well, opinions differ. ^^

Oh yeah, I'm starting to wonder. I've noticed that when you review a series you dislike, the ratings are still so high (8 is high!). Or is it done on purpose? o_O

Hyperion said...

It's not that he dislikes it, he just points out that he thinks it's overrated...

Animenerdz said...

exactly..I don't hate this's just I don't believe it deserves the fuzz

ps: the ratings are as follows

under 6 = horrible
6-7 = bad
8 = decent
8.5 = good
9 = very good
9.5 = excellent
10 = masterpiece

kluxorious said...

Since the new FMA is airing, I assumed you are reviewing the old series of FMA, correct?

If that's the case then I have to agree with you. The old one is filled with fillers. I find it overrated as well.

But the current FMA follows more closely to the manga so it is more fans-worthy and the animation too is obviously more easy on the eyes.

Hyperion said...

yeah i have to say i'm expecting a lot out of the new FMA

Animenerdz said...

yes, it is the old one..the so-called foundation...I'll do a first look on the ongoing Brotherhood of Steel later...hopefully I won't get a headache

Sapphire Pyro said...

Ah, I get it now. I got confused, sorry ^^;

Come to think of it, though I liked the old FMA, I did have lots of complains on the fillers =_= but the new one's more based on the manga, and I kept on comparing the old anime to the manga because the manga had been much better. Hopefully this new one won't follow the old one's path xD Hehe.

kluxorious said...

oh so far it does not disappoint me :D

verilix said...

FMA is awesome. FMA: Brotherhood, however, is amazing. It follows the Manga so much better - it's just overall alot better.

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