Monday, July 20, 2009

First Look: CANAAN

After seeing 2 episodes of CANAAN I'm actually kind of confused whether this series will be the next boom, or just another wave of disappointment that year 2009 just keeps bringing. The game is just an adaptation of the video game called "428". So let' just hope they don't fuck it up like they usually do with adaptations. Honestly, I really liked the first episode. The production is amazing. The music was great, and so was the animation. The fight scenes in CANAAN are pretty sick. If you have already seen the first episode, then you'll probably have the same question on your mind that i do: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??? The first 2 episodes just keep on building a plot but you never get an actual grip on what is happening. It all happens in Tokyo, and we see some virus, then some mercenaries, some soldiers, some fighting, some awesome chick with some extra senses and no fucking connection. This might be a series that you need to play the game to understand the anime, but I hope that isn't the case here. Well let's just hope that they do a good job explaining things up.
Expectation rating 9/10

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TJ said...

I'm not expecting the story to make sense,and it doesn't matter too much as long as we get awesome action lol.