Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Look: 07-Ghost

So as mentioned before, this one post will go in the First Look category. Contrary to the previous posts, this one features a series that barely came out and is ongoing. I watched only 3 episodes and I can say that I’m a bit hyped. I mean it looks like it will be a winner. It has a good mix of characters, although some of them are the type of characters that you’ve seen before judging by their personality. The action looks good and I have the impression that it will evolve because the main characters powers will evolve. The setting looks nice with a well mix of fantasy and sci-fi. The difference between fantasy and sci-fi, if you ask me, is that sci-fi focuses on technology while fantasy focuses on mythical and strange creatures and powers such as dragons and conjuration and virgins in the 21st century. I also like the visuals, they are a treat. Not the best I’ve seen, but certainly they’re eye pleasing. Character models are rich in detail and color and the background looks interactive, and by that I mean they don’t look and feel like props for a theater. Sound department doesn’t slack of, they deliver believable voice cast, realistic sound effects and good opening.
I just hope they will make only 26 episodes, or if they have too much to just cramp in 26 episodes then let it be 50 or so. But any more and they will just fuck up. I’m not saying this because I’m waiting for the full to come out and then watch it. I’m just saying that if they drag this one then it will get boring and it will feel more like a chore.
But overall I have high expectations for this one. If they know how to work on the plot and deliver some good twists (although some I already predict) and add that to the action, then we may be in for a nice treat.


Sapphire Pyro said...

don't worry, it's just around 25 episodes. though the manga's still ongoing. it will most likely make an original ending ^^;

ah, you're around ep. 3 now. later episodes hadn't been that great (because of anime fillers T_T). but starting episode 8, things will get better ^_^

Hyperion said...

either it will be an original ending like the first Fullmetal Alchemist or it will have many seasons just to stick to the manga

still i'm waiting for the full to come out and maybe i will skip the fillers

and the fillers puzzle me because i don't think they are needed
for the sake of this post i researched a bit and found out that they have enough material to work with from the manga so why bother with fillers? character development?

well who knows what they are thinking, but i still have high expectations

Animenerdz said...

will definitely watch it as soon as it gets its full release...hate watching ongoing fun xD

Romaina M said...

can wait for this one.