Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We need a girl to write reviews

Ok, it may sound strange, but we actually do. And not in the perverted kind of way. What do we need a girl for? Well, to write some reviews about anime series that we don't watch, and mainly drama and slice of life. Let me explain this to you. We, Animenerdz and Hyperion, love anime. We adore watching it, but we cannot stand watching slice of life. I mean, we do it, but only for the sake of the reviews. So that is why we need a girl. Well, it's not that a boy won't do the trick, it's just, I really don't think there is a boy out there capable of watching many drama and slice of life series, and not BEING GAY. So, if there is somebody out there (boy, girl, parrot, penguin, doesn'T fucking matter) that actually thinks can help us by writing some (funny, hilarious and incredible) reviews in his/her spare time that are mainly based on the Slice Of Life/Drama/Comedy label, please contact us at

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