Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awesome Anime Wallpapers

Yesterday I created an album in our facebook profile (our name Animenerdz Reviews) with Anime wallpapers from my personal collection. Some of our friends liked this collection, so I decided to post some more wallpapers. But I really have to warn you. My wallpapers are awesome. Well, i don't wanna brag about it but I've been collecting only the coolest wallpapers for the past 2 years, and not all the bullshit you see other anime blogs offering. They are all 1024 minimum so i guess nobody will have a problem using them on any monitor. I divided my wallpapers in a couple of parts and uploaded them on mediafire. Will release different parts one a week. You can also see them in facebook.

Part 1 contains wallpapers from Air Gear, Akira, Bleach and Code Geass

a couple of previews, but would be better to just download that 7 mb folder...

ps: did I give you enough download links, or do you need some more? xD