Friday, June 12, 2009

Paradise Kiss

Ah, Parakiss, the first anime I have ever watched that had anything to do with romance. It was a nice ride, but not as spectacular as a friend said it would be. At that point is when I realized that my eyes are not meant to watch romantic shit. Paradise Kiss follows the so-called adventures of a girl that is bored mainly because her life is dictated by her mother. She is sick of it, and decides to model for Paradise Kiss after being "kidnapped" by Isabella, a member of the group. The group consists of a petite girl, a heterosexual, a transvestite and a guy that looked like he had metal growing from his face. So yeah, it is fun. As the story proceedes, you'll get to love all of them, and suffer with them. With time ticking down, Paradise Kiss have to design the perfect dress for their school presentation.
Talking about the graphics, there is not much to say, except for the fact that the series look gorgeous. It may be one of the most "colored" anime I have ever seen. The sound is dull, and does nothing to improve the story, nor the feeling of a good anime. As I already said, the characters are original, and by the end of the show you will be loving each one of them, and suffer as they solve their problems, while other conflicts appear. It has some sex in it, so if you're under 12, please don't watch it. Yeah, right. Overall, ParaKiss has been a good anime, with some awesome visuals and some shitty music, but the character's development in the story is the only reason to keep on watching it. If you are a fan that enjoys romance, and some slice of life, then, this is the series for you, if not, you could at least watch it for the beautiful setup created by, maybe the best anime studio, Madhouse. Love, betray, lies, tears, passion, glamour, fashion,'s all here, in ParaKiss.

Graphics 9/10
Sound 6/10
Storyline 8.5/10
Characters 9/10
Overall 8/10

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