Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top 5 Anime AMV's

Today I spent like 20 minutes looking for cool AMV's. Why? Because I am still searching for the best song for an AMV of Soul Eater I will make this summer. No, I didn't want to make this post at first, just like the songs they choose, but then I realized that it would be fair for you to also see what I found. So I present to you top 5 anime amv's I found today on Youtube:

Number 5...some collection of random anime footage...the song is great

Number 4...maybe the best Trigun AMV out there

Number 3...epic song, epic series

Number 2...No effects but awesome slicing and a pretty neat song..Trinity Blood is the anime

Number 1...You know what they say..use one anime, and it will suck..but use 20 series in your amv, and it'S going to be an epic win

ps: if you know any other cool amv's, post the links as comments..or if you have them on your blog or anything, just leave a comment, and I'll have a look

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Cid Evil said...

Probably the most epic video I ever found! Don't know If you seen it!