Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Outs

After the release of the final 2 episodes, I decided to finally watch this anticipated Madhouse production. It was incredible. Although highly underrated, because of the baseball amount in the series, One Outs is a fantastic production, offering the fans everything they ever wished for in an anime: strong characters, cool graphics, amazing plot and great sound. One Outs tells us the story of Tokuchi Toua, an amazing pitcher and a gambler. He has an incredible talent in manipulating people and uses his skill to crush his opponents. He joins the team that finished last in the Japanese baseball league, because of a bet he lost with the captain of that team. He then helps the team to overcome their problems and become one of the contenders for the championship. Although it offers a great plot with some amazing twists, what One Outs actually lacks is a great ending. It leaves you wanting for more, being already trapped in Tokuchi's mind games. I couldn't believe that the 25th episode was the ending. The way it ended you would really think the series will go for minimum 10 more episodes, or at least a second season. But no, that's it. The characters, as I already said are great. The way they all participate in the plot, leaving no questions unanswered. The whole point of the series is that, Tokuchi, being a gambler, signs a secret contract with the owner of the team. He will be paid 4000$ for every out he makes, but will have to pay the owner 40000$ for every point he gives away. The owner agrees, but later, after seeing Tokuchi's mindgames, he tries to destroy Tokuchi. The music and the sounds are awesome. It is the regular stadium sound, because the series has NO moments outside the stadium, except for some dialogues and meetings the owner participates in. The graphics are also beautiful. The players and the game moments are all nicely animated. I practically didn't find any flaws. Overall it was a great anime, and although not everyone is a sports fan, I truly recommend this anime to any person that loves mind games, the thrill of a good anime that leaves you guessing what will happen next.

Graphics 9.5/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 8.5/10 (disappointing ending)
Characters 9/10
Overall 9/10


YURI said...

This is my favorite anime.

Chan-Chan said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! ^-^

Yea.. I was quite surprised with the way it ended too. It did not feel like an ending at all. I was hoping for Tokuchi to play against Takami Itsuki. Too bad.. it was not meant to be.