Saturday, June 27, 2009

School Days

There is one reason I fucking hate Harem anime series. They make me feel like a loser. Here am I, sitting and watching a dude touching boobs at the beginning of the episode, having sex with another girl somewhere in the middle and then make out with the best friend of the girl he just had sex with, somewhere in the end. I mean, COME ON!!! Another thing I hate is drama. So honestly, this anime series was definitely not for me. It was like a test, for me to prove my "nerdness" when it comes to watching anime. So the story is like this: there is a guy that likes a girl. His classmate (I will call her CM from now on), and one of the most popular girls in school helps them become girlfriend and boyfriend. Pretty normal so far. The problem is that the girlfriend (I will call her GF from now on) is a little too shy for his perverted mind. So what happens is that the CM starts to pity his low percentage of touching the GF's boobs, and starts to make out with him. Then they have sex and he starts wondering who does he actually love. The CM has a best friend (CMBF) that does everything she can so that the guy breaks up with the GF and becomes CM's boyfriend. Somewhere during the 7th episode I think, the boy and CMBF kiss. The CMBF tells him that she will do anything for him, just to make sure that he will date the CM. So he takes advantage and has sex with her. There is some kind of festival somewhere between the 8-10 episodes. During the festival he twice manages to have sex with another classmate (ACM) that secretly liked him. But at the end of the festival he dances with CM and they kiss. ACM is happy that he is giving her some attention and he is happy because....well because they fuck like 3 times per episode for like 2 episodes. So it's kind of messed up. Also the next day a tape is shown by the Audio Video club that shows him having sex with a girl during the festival. Another girl. So he actually breaks up with his GF. But because she is fucking crazy, she goes around telling everyone they are still together. In the 11th episode the ACM leaves him and doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, so he meets with his GF and they become lovers again. During this time the CM that now truly understands that she loves him, comes to him and tells him she is pregnant. He then tells her he loves his GF, and kisses her. The CM goes mad, and in the last episode kills him. Stabs him with a knife. The GF finds his dead body, cuts his dead head off, and puts it in the bag. She then meets the CM on the roof of their school and kills her after making her admit she wasn't pregnant. The anime ends with the GF on a boot, hugging the head of the dude, and saying that she is happy they are together again. So yeah, IT IS FUCKED UP.

ps: you owe me 6 hours of your life I just saved you

Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
Storyline 7/10
Characters 7/10
Overall 7/10


Sapphire Pyro said...

I . . . I . . .can't stand this show. It's just . . .sick

Hyperion said...

i agree...
i only read about it on wiki, you know like every episode summary, and i already thought ,,Who were they targeting with this crap?"
for me it's awful, and i pity my partner that somebody put him through this

Animenerdz said...

,,Who were they targeting with this crap?"

our blog i guess...xD

Kluxorious Kluxces said...

I couldn't even finish the first episode. You're a hero :P

blur said...

Funny thing is, I was just checking the cover of this anime out at a flea market yesterday. Lol! Was wondering if it was any good.

From the sound of it, I won't be touching this with a 10 foot pole. Lol!

Gerry said...

I just finished it too. Freaked me out!

Actually, I think they should show this to all high school boys. The last episode in particular will reduce teenage pregnancy rates by at least half!! Or at least teach the guys to hide all potential weapons before breaking up with a girl...