Sunday, August 30, 2009


Yurumates (pronounced yuru-mates as mate in Halo thar mate!) is a series of unrelated shorts stories compiled in a 35 minutes or so OVA. It is simple, enjoyable and funny with the cast of four simple and standard archetype characters: Yurume, Sae, Kumi and Matsukichi. It encompassed everyday life storyline; from surviving the hot/cold to eat hotpot together with everything else in between. All these happened in a rundown low rent building where these four struggling students live. It may sound like you have seen all these jokes before but that does not mean that it is less funny.

The story, as you would have predicted from the title evolved around Yurume, the country girl who is adjusting the life in the big city. Then you get introduced to Sae and Kumi who constantly tease Yurume for her naivety. I like Kumi a lot because one look at her, you would think that she is an airhead but the fact is she is more than meets the eyes. She also has a dark sense of humor compared to Sae. Matsukichi is the only male in the building and it is a nice change to see a non-perverted male character in a cast of women. He often comes in a tad too late, or a tad too early.

I also enjoy the cicada segment a lot. It is funny on its own.

Like everything else, the art is simple too. It fits rather well with the whole theme of the OVA in my opinion. They are also have that chibi like quality about them. The seiyuu performance managed to bring out the characters personalities and with the simplicity of the animation and the story, having strong voice performances was critical to its success. As for the ED, it is pretty catchy and adorable.

Overall, Yurumates is a really cute, fun and simple show. Like crazyanimegyrl who influenced me to watched this, I am glad that Frostii fansub picked it up. It definitely deserved to get more attention (hence why I am writing this review).

If you have zero sense of humor and personality, it is best you avoid it, since you are fucked up and wouldn't appreciate this show anyway.

Art 6/10
Sound 7/10
Storyline 7/10
Characters 7/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 7/10

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