Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Future projects

While the beer-hangover-beer period is still in season for me and Animenerdz, we keep thinking about what else to review. Now i know i still have to deliver one more review from those i promised, but it's kind of hard due to certain... circumstances, so instead i will tell you of some of our future projects that we will be doing after Animenerdz returns to his country. When he does that, we will return with a more active role, but for now all we can give you is this list:

1) Akagi

Will it be the psychological thriller you've been looking for, or will the suspense fade away.

2) Boogiepop Phantom

Will you be afraid, or will you regret.

3) Pokemon Movie Marathon

We all now a little something about the series, but what about the movies?

4) Fafner in the Azure

How does it stand as a mecha anime?

p.s. If you've seen them, then would you please refrain from writing how they were, cause you will spoil all the fun xD


kluxorious said...

hey guys, check out my blog (more specifically my animu list) and see if there's any particular anime you want me to review.

Hyperion said...

why don't you review something you wish that was never even created, something that makes you wanna rip the head of the one who made...

in other words, review a piece of shit xD

kluxorious said...

lol that's a hard one. because i rarely complete anishit.

but i'll dig up my animu list and see what I can find XD

Hyperion said...

btw, it isn't necessary for you to complete a horrible piece of shit in order to review it

Sapphire Pyro said...

I wanna watch boogiepop phantom . . . am jealous you will be able to see it ;_;

kluxorious said...
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kluxorious said...
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MTS said...

I really liked boogipop even tho I still have no idea what the hell was going on and I watched the whole thing. Fafner was the typical mecha anime If i remember it correctly lol. Interestng blog by the way^^