Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kara no Kyoukai: Boukyaku Rokuon

hehehe I've been waiting all day for my Kara no Kyoukai torrent to complete its download. At 11:04pm, the notification that I've been waiting for from u-torent makes me giggling like a fangirl that I am.

This is the 6th installments of the 7 series movie. I've rated 10 out of 10 for movie #2, #4 and #5 while I rated 9 out of 10 for the first installment and the 3rd one.

For this one, I'm giving it a full mark yet again.

Seriously, I couldn't stop giggling or squealing. Part of it was because I'm too effing excited to watch it and also because this time around, the mood started of lighter compared to the previous installments, thanks to the incest thing going on --

Wait, where the fuck do you think you're going? Just because you can't tolerate incest, that doesn't mean you have to stop watching the whole damn thing. Stupid faking moe...

Anyway, like I was trying to say earlier, the theme of incest doesn't go that far. It was implied but we all know that it never going to happen because we all know who Mikiya really likes anyway. And to be honest, I am a 'lil jealous when she holds his hand. She doesn't know it, but besides Shiki, she has to compete with me too *giggles and blushes*

Shiki is funny without trying to be one. That's why I like her from the very beginning. I wish I could say the same about Mikiya's sister, Azaka. She's trying oh so hard to be tsundere and moe at the same time. Phailed. But I have to give her some credit though. she did a good job making this movie enjoyable with her antics and she kinda redeems herself in the end.

This time around, the movie focused on fairy that stole memories. These fairies are being used by a magician to cover up certain something. Shiki was sent by Touko to Azaka's boarding school to investigate the matter since she has the 'eyes'. Oh you guessed right, she's cosplaying a school girl this time around. Thehehe... See why I got excited? *cough* moving on...

Like the other movies, this one gets really dark as the story progress but... Shiki is more human in this one, talking to Azaka about Mikiya, of her feelings/unfeeling. It also gave us flashback of Mikiya's past, albeit it's related to Azaka.

The characters are simple enough. Art is superb and flawless as well as the sound effects. I think Kalafina did the ED for this movieas well. All in all, I don't have any complains at all regarding this movie. Excellent as always.

Now I can't wait for the final installment! Did you see the preview? Oh. Em. Gee! Bloodfest!!!!!! *squeals*

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