Wednesday, May 27, 2009


   So this is my first review on this blog, and many of you might ask yourselves ''Why such a random anime ? Why not something from his favorites ? ". Well the answer is that i dropped it after the FIRST EPISODE. I know what some of you might be thinking ''Oh, well if he didn't watched it, then he can't make a good review", but let me tell you, that it's SO not worth my time and effort to watch an episode of this COLLOSAL piece of shit, let alone the full season. For starters let me ask you this: how many times have you seen badass characters that have special powers which reach into space ? I mean that was something of the `90 but this was 2001. I mean it was getting old way too fast after Dragonball Z ( the part with the powers ). I mean there was no real originality. Sure they get different names and stuff, but still it is a copy of Dragonball and that's OK for the `90 but by 2001 people want to see something original. So it gets that distinct "Been there, done that" feeling. Actually the main character looks very familiar. Where have i seen him before ? Oh yeah... Yu Yu Hakusho! The main character from both anime's are THE SAME. Both have great powers that progress through-out the series, both become powerful at the end, both have a strong nemesis, both are badass, both have the wish to fight greater and stronger opponents ( like in Dragonball ? ), and they both practically LOOK the SAME. The title doesn't make sense at all. s-CRY-ed? It doesn't say anything. Usually it's the name of the main character, or like in mecha anime, the name of the main mecha model, or ANYTHING that is related to the series AND the meaning of the title is given in the first episode. Well not in s-CRY-ed. It says ''Fuck that shit, we will call it something indefinable". Well i cried. I cried at the fact that i had to wait for this fucking "masterpiece" to download and waisted my time. Another aspect is the opening theme song. It doesn't fit well ( not that anything does ). I mean the plot is about a fictional Japan with Si-Fi elements, and strong, super powered people that fight to the death. Why would you put a SALSA ( or rumba, or tango or whatever kind of spanish like melody ) as the OPENING THEME ? It gives me an image of all the main characters dancing in a line. Also, it starts like a riddle. Some girl says that she had a dream, and it shows a vertigo scene like some alien got drunk as shit and spins around in space. It makes no sense. The anime has a lot of characters, but they are uninspired. I already talked about the main character, whose name is Kazuma, but there is also this 8 year old girl, which treats the main character as shit, his friend which rips him off to do hard jobs for small price, a bitch which caresses old men instead of doing her job ( she's the blue hair girl from the opening theme ) and i found that part just plain weird, and there is also the protagonist's nemesis, a guy with green hair which looks all cool and serious and at first kicks the shit out of the main character. There are also many other secondary characters, that act as villains or people that need to be saved, but again, they are really weird. In the first episode Kazuma fights another superpowered guy name Big which leads a group called Lardus. LARDus. What kind of fucked up name is that ? LARDus. It's like a joke, but a really bad one. And guess what, the leader of the group is Big and he is really fat. Thats one messed up villain. There are many other moments in the episode ( and i guess in the entire series ) that are really retarded. Like there is one part in which he pays an old man to go through a tunnel which leads God knows where ( maybe a bar or a whorehouse ) and he meets a little kid he sees first time in his life, asks about his father, asks if the kid likes his father, says its good that the kid likes his father and then goes away. OK... Imagine if i come up to you and ask you some fucked up questions and then walk away without any explanation. You will think i'm a fucknut. Also it has many childish moments, for example when Kazuma tries to convince his friend to be paid 2000 and not 30, God knows what, and they settle this with rock, paper, scissors ( yeah like real MEN ). So as you can see it's real mind numbing and boring. Other aspects, like graphics, SUCK. They suck balls. I allready talked about the music, how it doesn't fit. The sound effects are so Dragonball ( although i imagine that most anime sound effects are like that ), but this is 2001. Couldn't they get better sounding effects? Graphics are dull. Some character models aren't defined enough, while others don't define their personality. Cowboy Bebop, which was made in 1998, is better looking than this piece of shit. It isn't even sharp enough. Instead it looks something from early '90. Actually, if i make something in paint, and then put it in GIF animation, it will look better than this. Overall it is something slightly below average, with predictable plot, uninspiring characters, dull graphics, music that doesn't fit the scene and  ''Been there, done that" powers and battles. I don't want to impose my opinion on you, and maybe some of you who read this article will find the anime in a better light than me, but let me tell you, those who will find the patience to watch it, should get a medal.


Animenerdz said...

nice review..LMAO

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nice review..very funny XD uvajesk

YURI said...

The only thing I like about this anime is the Opening song :)))