Saturday, May 30, 2009


Golden Boy is by far one of the funniest anime series you'll ever see. It leaves you wanting for more, as it ends after just 6 episodes, making Golden Boy one of the best OVAs out there in the world. Golden Boy follows the story of Kintaro, a 25 year old man who dropped out of university because he finished early. He just dropped. Imagine that. What did he do next? Well, he started taking every shitty job in the world, and working his way throughout the world. He is always seeking to gain new knowledge, thus always trying something new. He is also a pervert. Well, he isn't but they make him look like one. Actually he is. Or not. Well it's fucking confusing. One episode he is this pervert looking for boobs, the other episode he is an understanding dude, with a full heart of love, so you don't really fucking get it. And there are only 6 episodes, so there is no fucking character development. The producers just expect you to invent your own fucking stories. "Why did he drop, why did he travel, well fuck you, can't you just invent it yourself?" And the amount of ecchi in this show is colossal. At one point he’s almost having oral sex with a chick, or watching a girl having orgasm on a motorcycle. Way too much ecchi, but they did well on the jokes part. Every episode there’s a hot chick involved that thinks of him that he’s a total asshole. By the end of each episode, indeed, he's won over the hearts of all involved, and usually has helped someone in the process. Kintaro also learns valuable lessons at each workplace, and teaches the people there important life skills as well. Animation-wise, Golden Boy had fairly crude visuals, but they were very appropriate for the style and mood. The character designs were somewhat minimal at times, with a palette of colors that was bland and varied. The facial expressions are always changing and are shown on a regular basis to make you laugh. For example, if Kintaro messed up with something, he'd get this extremely grotesque and horrified expression. Sometimes he'd look like a sunken skeleton, and other times, he'd look like a revved up fighting machine. The sound in Golden Boy is full of happiness, comical and it fits perfectly with the characters. Golden Boy is very popular because of its great DUB. And it is true. I saw this series in Japanese with English subs, and it was funny, but the English dub version was hilarious. I was laughing my ass out; the dub was that fucking great. Every sound was there on its place, making it all look like a masterpiece. If that wasn't enough, the writing is superb and the english voice acting couldn't possibly be better. The one thing to mention though is this is without a doubt an Ecchi series. It practically defines the word. If you're an adult anime fan who can get a laugh out of movies like American Pie, you'll love this.

Graphics 6/10
Sound 9/10
Storyline 7/10
Characters 8/10
Overall 8/10


Anonymous said...

nice ))

Sapphire Pyro said...


I don't usually appreciate ecchi or other very perverted anime, but it's so funny and genius I love this one to bits xD

I'm not strict on rating the visuals of this series though since . . . it's not that new. ehehe

Animenerdz said...

yeah, the graphics are kinda stuck on that old school level...a re-release would resurrect this series

blur said...

Added to my To-Watch list.. :p

Always welcome comedy recommendations!

Animenerdz said...

@blur you didn't see Goldenboy??? can you bear with yourself?