Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paranoia Agent

 This time I decided to torture myself some more with shitty anime. Today’s masterpiece is Paranoia Agent. Unlike s-CRY-ed ( which, I think, I will never stop making references to it ), I watched this one to the end. I realize that I should have dropped this anal waste after the 7th episode, but I wanted to give it a chance. Why ? Well I will tell you all about it. If you read the information given on anime-planet you might think it is original. DON’T GET SUCKERED IN. For starters, let’s talk about the plot. At first it seems like a mystery, a little kid with a baseball cap, roller skates, and a golden, bent bat hits people in the head, and runs away. It’s a chaotic pattern, but to policemen try to find a connection. As the series progress, this fucker actually kills people, so yeah, it has a lot of violence. But lets talk about the other tags. It is a thriller until the 7th episode, then it becomes a mindf*ck, but only because it doesn’t make any sense. Now what’s the most important part of a mystery, thriller, psychological anime ? TO MAKE SOME SENSE AT SOME POINT IN THE SERIES, OR AT LEAST AT THE ENDING. But first thing is first. The opening. While the theme is really nice, the video already shows how much illogic the series will contain. I mean what other opening have you seen a guy laughing in the air, among the clouds, with his head upside down ? They just show a cast of the characters with some fucked up background, like the top of mount Fuji or Nagasaki when the atomic bomb blows. It throws away all logic. The cast is diverse, but you don’t see many of them often, and most don’t have any connection between them. Each represents a social issue, so I guess that’s one of the few reasons why I gave it a two star rating ( see my anime-planet list ). So yeah, it talks about social problems, but those are more like sub plots, and we don’t want them. We want to know all about the main mystery, the little slugger. Well the anime says ,,Fuck you! Just watch all the shit you have met or will meet in your lives.” And if I already talk about the characters, let’s talk about the graphics. While the background is done right, with details, sharpness, full color and all, the character animation SUCKS. It’s a certain style, which may be good for some, or at least unimportant, for me it’s just DISGUSTING. The more slender or average shaped people are Ok, but the fat characters, or old are just fucked up. It’s hard to explain it, but trust me, when I say it’s REALLY fucked up, then you know it’s crap. Also there some close up views that you just want to skip. Sound effects and voice work are good. They’re not top grade, but they sound realistic, and that’s enough for me. So I guess that’s also a plus for the two star rating. But now let’s go in depth on why I hate it so much. First of all, for the first 5 or 6 episodes, you might think that there is a logic that you will discover later on. But that is just like thinking that your shit is made of gold. In episode 7, everything just goes ape shit. The idea is that they captured little slugger, and put him in jail. But when the two policemen go there, they find him dead. The fucked up part... HE WAS KILLED BY HIMSELF!!!! Not suicide! Literally, a second him was standing on his feet next to his dead body. Is he a clone ? Is this Star Wars ? So when the police try to capture the second one, he disappears through a wall. At that point, I should have dropped watching the series. But some kind of hope kept me going. Beyond this there are a lot of mind numbing, retarded moments. But not like a small sequence. No. ENTIRE EPISODES ARE RETARDED, AND DON’T PROGRESS THE PLOT. For example, there is an episode about three people ( a teenager, a 8 year old girl and an old man ) who met on the internet, and try, the entire episode to kill themselves. When they realize they can’t do it they go to a hotel depressed. There they see the little slugger kill a random guy nobody gives a shit about, and they beg him to kill them, but he runs away. Then they decide NOT to kill themselves, and go to a bar and eat. Fucking genius. Or how about an episode, where the slugger transforms into a monster, but can’t kill a woman because she tells him that she is happy that her life is full of shit ( or something like that ). So, whatever, I can go on and on with this. The main idea is that you see all these sub plots that don’t progress the main story, and don’t forget…. THE SERIES HAS ONLY 13 EPISODES. The last part I want to comment on is the ending. It says that the little slugger appeared in this world when a little girl lied about her being hit in the head by the little slugger, because she didn’t want to tell her parent’s that her lack of attention at one moment led to the dog’s demise ( got hit by a car, the poor little dumb shit ). So when the girl ( now grown up ) makes peace with the past, the little slugger disappears. WOW. They were on drugs when they thought this shit up. FOR REAL. He was created by a little girl ? What is she, a super mental powered freak ? She can create the things she sees in her mind?  
What ever, if I want I can talk for days on this mess. Bottom line… Stay away! Stay away as fucking possible! Spare yourselves. Spare yourselves from this waste of time. I sacrificed myself for you, and even bothered writing a review about it to spare you the trouble of watching it. And those who watch till the end, without asking for mental counseling, should receive a reward. PARANOIA AGENT… YOU SUCK.  


Sapphire Pyro said...

about the op, I think think they're laughing because of the paranoia thing . . . to the level they're insane now. hehe. oh well, different interpretations~

not all logic in a mystery thriller series are meant to be obvious so . . . it depends on how one sees it

character design wasn't my type . . . but at least it's not one of those series that follows the rule: ALL CHARACTERS SHOULD BE PRETTY

about golden bat boy being killed . . . you don't have to see it as in what's going on in reality. the anime's surreal so what you see on screen may be a different different bizarre presentation of what's going on, but not exactly what's going on. errr . . I suck in explaining.

about those being begged to be killed but weren't killed part, there's actually an explanation for it but I forgot ^^; has something to do with the type of people he actually kills

the girl being behind all those was actually a good twist for me xD hehe

and yeah, I loved this series xD I'm a psychological thriller freak (I also like mystery, surreal, etc.) am not exactly going against your review since we have different opinions, but am just commenting on some parts. Hehe~

Hyperion said...

thank you for the good comment :))
it's nice when somebody with a different opinion can ( or at least tries to ) explain things you personaly didn't understand:))
but i still think they could've made things a bit more clear and keep some logic in all this

thanks for expressing your opinion and hope you'll do the same with other reviews

blur said...

Hi guys,

For me, the only thing which kept me going on till the end of the series was the curiosity and that alone.

I agree that it wasn't good. Hmm.. Actually I feel that everything was quite bad. But the sheer tension and mystery it brought up was such a teaser. Lol!

Couldn't help it but to watch one episode after another. And at the end of the day, it did manage to give me satisfaction as the anime ended. *Surprisingly* :)

kluxorious said...

lol it wasn't that bad. At some point I actually enjoyed it. It was beautifully crafted to keep the interest going so people like you get SUCKERED IN. *chuckles*

I was addicted to the OP during the time I watched it.