Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dragon Ball

  Ok, this is my final review of the Dragon Ball marathon, and we certainly saved the worst for last. But before you start thinking I’m going to shit this anime, know that it’s not the worst anime, it’s just the worst in the series. Also, it has no appeal and there is no point watching it. Just by looking at the theme you can tell that this is very old. The only reason why I bother writing about it, is because of the fact that it’s the first in the series and you get to see Goku on the path to adulthood. But if there wouldn’t be a DBZ ( let alone DB GT ) then there honestly wouldn’t be a point in reviewing Dragon Ball. I just want you to know that it’s no bad because I find many complaints in it. It’s bad because, well… I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING FROM IT, let alone complaints. That’s my main problem with it. It’s not memorable. It’s a classic only because it’s Goku. The graphics are balls, but it is 1986 ( and it sure looks like it ). Character models are goofy looking, and there are some characters that are plain weird, like Krilin ( or Kurinin ). He is small and bald. Fucked up part. HE IS CONSTANTLY SMALL. While Goku grows up, Krilin remains a little fuckball ( since he’s so small and bald ). Sometimes, some of they’re facial features disappear, so yeah, it sure looks like 1986. Sound effects are average, but, again, because it’s 1986. There isn’t much to talk about, and the only reason I’m writing this, is for the sake of the marathon ( so I can wrap it up ). 
 To end this I would say this : looking at it now DBZ is a bit retarded, but satisfying and leaves you with a happy feeling; looking at it now Dragon Ball is retarded…

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