Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gintama: Shiroyasha Koutan

OMG this was supposed to be the promotional video for Gintama the movie: The Birth of Shiroyasha? Why the hell we did not get to see the movie?!?!!

oh wait. That's because it was a fucking troll!! LMAO

Damn I should have known! Gintama just fucking trolled my ass and like always I fucking love it!

The animation quality for first part of the OVA is awesome, like it always does whenever Gintama got on serious mode. The second part of the OVA though is of the typical Gintama.

You get to see all your favorite characters, none were left out. That is how caring Gintama is towards their fans, who despite getting trolled, still love this shit. It was probably because we do want to see a movie made or simply because we all eager to learn about Gintoki's past. Even though this is fake, it is still made of awesomeapplesauce.

Gin-san and his beautiful quote

As a Gintamards, I have no problem being bias as fuck and will give this OVA 10 out of 10 because Gintoki is freaking amazing. So are the fights, the troll, the jokes, the troll, the naked Hasegawa, Zura janai Katsura da, the troll, Shinpachi got cut into half, the troll, the mini Gin-san, the Joui, the troll, Shinsuke losing his eyes, the troll, and more trolls. XD

Here is the OVA. I'm sure you are so going to fucking love this :)

Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Sound 10/10
Character 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 10/10


Watch anime said...

looks like its gonna be a good movie

Ten98 said...

It must be difficult for you to tie your shoelaces in the morning considering how fucking retarded you are.

I understand why you love such retarded anime now, you are too dumb to read the subtitles so you just make up a really great story in your head for what is happening on screen...

kluxorious said...

lol. err yeah. I must be retarded. Because I don't understand what you were talking about either ^_^