Friday, April 15, 2011


I have high hopes for Fractale but with each passing episodes, I feel the hopes dwindling to nothingness. The only reason I watched from week to week was because of Sunda but they fucking killed him in the last episodes.

Everyone, meet the late Sunda and Enri Granitz

The story itself was what made this show lacking. It evolved around Phryne, Clain and Nessa and it shouldn't be so. Phryne and Nessa are the key to reboot the Fractale system. If Phryne didn't ran away and be a jackass about it, people won't have to die unnecessarily. Though she is (literally) a slut it is still no excuse for her to be so fickle about every damn thing. If she agreed from the very beginning to be the key and didn't change her mind every god damn 4 seconds, then the Temple will not declare wars on Lost Millenium (they are the one who are against the Fractale System - but not really). Sunda and Dias wouldn't have died.

As you can see, I'm very pissed right now and rightfully so. I am filled with rage when Clain ended up having a happily ever after ending with Phryne (with Nessa's personality). Damn these kids.

I can't believe I said some really nice things about her in my first impression post. 10 episodes later I have nothing but hate for her.

Characters wise, they are not lacking in term of personalities (except for the plain Clain). The character designs also helped built each characters' personalities while the voice actors compliment those characters, giving them souls. Thanks to her splendid performance as Nessa, I think I am a fan of Kana Hanazawa now. Credits for Yu Kobayashi as well for her job well done as Clain though I still wonder why didn't they pick a guy for the job.

The OP/ED, BGM and sound effects for this show is highly commendable. Both the OP and ED are sang by Hitomi Azuma. There are three songs featured in the single CD titled Harinezumi but I never heard the other one. Like I said, towards the end of the show, the OP grew on me and I can even sing along to it. Having said that, my favorite remains with the ED despite the poor Engrish pronunciation.

If there is one thing that blow me away regarding this show, it's the art and animation of the whole thing. I mentioned this several time during in episodic reviews. A-1 Pictures is really good at delivering these sort of stuff. Some of the scenes looks like they came from a beautiful painting, and the camera angle for certain scenes really stood out. Kudos to the animation production team. It was splendid.

But sadly, for a show that is featured in noitaminA, it certainly didn't live up to expectation. I am not entirely sure whose fault is it but if the story didn't evolved around Phryne, it could have ended up as a fabulous show. This show pretended to be deep when it's not. Yamakan totally lost the plot. I rage at how conceded it turned out to be.

arts & animation 10/10
story 7/10
characters 9/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 7/10

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bungaku Shoujo no Kyou no Oyatsu ~Hatsukoi~

This is the preview for the movie of Bungaku Shoujo or Literature Girl. By the way, bungaku in Malay means 'my flower'. Just thought that I throw it out there. Seems appropriate with the shoujo theme going on.

This OVA/movie is based on the popular manga with the same title. I haven't read it though since it is shoujo and I don't normally read shoujo. The 17 minutes OVA is pretty much the preview of what to expect for the upcoming movie that is set to be released in 2009 winter which only titled as Bungaku Shoujo.

It is about a girl named Touko Amano who literally eats the pages of the literature book she is reading. She considered them as her meal. She can feel the emotions and what not of the story after she consumes it and it also kinda placed her at the scene.

She is the president of the literature club and the club has one more member, Inoue Konoha. Konoha is pretty good at writing thus Amano always tell him what she wants for a meal: something that has vault pole, bamboo blade and first love. So Konoha has to make up stories for her to consume at the end of the day.

This movie is produced by Production IG. I am not too thrill with the art. It certainly does not looks like the typical Production IG product. Having said that, as someone who loves to read myself, I am interested to see where or what the next adventure could be.

At the end of this OVA, they showed us a bird house which has been 'renovated' to be the place for the school student to tell the literature club of their love. I expect the movie would be using that as a story.

Not bad of a premise I must say...

art 6/10
story 7/10
sound 6/10
character 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Nerdz On Hiatus

As you have noticed, it has been a long time since we have posted anything (except for kluxorious). It was pretty tough this year, to even watch anime, not to mention to blog about it. Final year in high school, all the drama and work have made it impossible to keep up with anime. The only anime I have seen was Detroit Metal City, and I thought it was the greatest thing in my life. It is incredible. Up there with GoldenBoy, one of the greatest comedy anime series I ave ever seen. Now that school is finally over (there are a couple of exams left, but still ^^) I can only say that I am back on watching anime. I don't know if I will be updating this blog, but there is a very big chance that I will. I applied for a position as a writer at THATanimeblog, and hopefully I will get it. If not, then expect weekly reviews, thoughts and other bullshit on this blog. Maybe I will even convince Hyperion (the other guy that wrote funny reviews with me, and also my better half when it comes to watching shitty ass fucking anime) to come back.

ps: I noticed that everywhere on the blogosphere it is now considered cool to have pictures in your here is one just for you, fuckers..

pps: i also noticed that our blog, didn't drop in visits in 6 months..i don't fucking get it...the same amount of people is daily reading this blog..i love you all


I remember taking a peek at the manga and thought it was meh and dropped it after the first few pages. When I saw that ufotable has produced the anime, I gotta see it if only to satisfy my curiosity.

Toriko is about a man (the manga was named after him) who travels the world in search of the most rare ingredients, be it a talking vegetables or an 8 legged fish. The ingredients obviously are for his dish.

In this Special episode, Komatsu, a head chef of a restaurant hired Toriko to catch the Galara Croc for his dishes. So they went to Baron Island to hunt it down. It was an epic showdown between the croc and Toriko. In the end, through the circumstances, they became something that akin to partner.

As expected of the show, the characters were nothing deep. They are no mysteries. Their personality and what not should all be taken at face value.


As the name suggested, he is the front man of this show. He craves for challenges to create the perfect full course menu. He kills all his foods bare handed and they aren't your typical food size foods either! You see, Toriko is a GAR chef who happens to have a very high skillz in hunting. When I said GAR, I mean he can sparks-fire-just-by-snapping-his-fingers GAR.


Komatsu is Toriko partner. He is the comic relief in this show but I don't need to tell you that. The picture above kinda self-explained what his role is. He wants to travel with Toriko so that he can improves his culinary skills.

The art and animation are nothing special. They are something we have seen before countless of time. They used really bright colors to emphasize the surroundings. Just look at Toriko's hair. The action sequences too did not impress me. They phailed to make Toriko as the kishin. He should have looked more menacing. The production took the easy way out but meh that happened all the time, even with Fairy Tail.

The seiyuus are okay in my opinion but again, they did not impress me. Neither did the OP or ED theme.

The video manga of Toriko. See that static image on the left? That's how Toriko should looked like when he went for a kill

Art 6/10
Story 6/10
Sound 6/10
Characters 6/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 6/10

Denpa Teki na Kanojo: Happiness Game

After the high rating that it got in part 1, obviously I was looking forward for the second installment: Happiness Game.

Like the first one, part 2 started with a scene that will definitely got your attention: a highschool boy appeared to kill himself with a knife with two of his friends witnessing the deed.

And then the same sentence keeps on repeating on the screen: I want to be happy.

The story started with Juuzawa Juu being accused of molesting in the train by a couple of highschool girls who earlier received a picture on Juuzawa in their phones. He was saved however by Hikaru, Ame's sister (who looks a lot like Senna from Bleach: Memory of Nobody, only their hair and eye colors are different).

The next day, rumors about what had happened spread throughout the entire school and Juuzawa were annoyingly harassed. Ame was spot on with her analysis. Juuzawa wasn't the only one though. Hikaru received the same kind of treatment because she helped him out. The same goes for the Student Council President, Shiraishi-san. Gradually the harassment started to get out of hands.

With the help from Ame, Juuzawa found the proprietor. The leader of the "Happiness Club" is the member of the school's student council, Ayase, also known as Kuraki. She really was one screwed up fucker. She stayed in the house with her mother corpse rotten in the living room. She was actually taking her revenge on Shiraishi-san because she was the reason his brother killed himself (a fucked up family, ne?)

And you would think that's that. However this awesome show once again blow my mind with it's unexpected ending. It was fucking delicious.

Compared to the first episode, there is less action in this one which kind of disappointing but the way they handled the problem kinda erased my trepidation a bit because it was very subtle. Great example that fighting/aggressiveness cannot always solved problems.

Like I have mentioned, besides the usual cast of Juuzawa Juu and Ame Ochibana, we have several other characters:

Madoka and Kirishima are close friends who helped Ame with this case. They are both very good at fighting too just like Ame. Kirishima might not looks like it but she is definitely one sick chick. If Madoka didn't stop her, she would have killed without restrain. Besides Ame, I really like her a lot.

Hikaru is Ame's younger sister? Anyway, she has a bit of a crush on Juuzawa I think.

Ayase or Kuraki. One fucked up shithead.

However in the end, those characters are just fillers. In the end, it was Ame and Juuzawa that truly matter =3

They are the essence of Denpa Teki na Kanojo

I am so glad that the seiyuu for Juuzawa Juu, Yoshimasa Hosoya, did not forget his habit of 'tsk'ed/clicking his tongue whenever he gets annoyed. Good job for the rest of the crew too for the consistencies of not only the character designs but the voice acting as well.

Art 9/10
Sound 8/10
Characters 9/10
Story 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 9/10

Kuroshitsuji OVA

fanart by muse33

This OVA which was titled "Sono Shitsuji, Kougyou" is the extra episode included in the DVD. It was released on September 30th.

The OVA was pretty much about the stage play the Funtom Company organized for the children. However, three days before the play Ciel received news that the performers were met with an accident thus couldn't make it in time for the presentation.

So what Ciel do when he is in a pinch? If you are familiar with Kuroshitsuji you know exactly what's coming:

And that's an order!

Obviously Sebastian will made the rest of the casts to rehearse Hamlet, including Ciel himself. Phailed... Anyway, as one would have expected it was a stretch of comedy and drama from the usual casts of the three servants, Lau and Ranmao, Soma and Agni, Undertaker, Elizabeth and Grell.


I bet we all can pretty much guess that the play turned out to be a total disaster but in a really good kind of way. I enjoyed it at least and was at awe when Sebastian attacked Ciel although it wasn't in the script because of the sudden improvement in animation.

The moral behind the story: revenge is wasteful. When the curtain falls down again, you'll be left with nothing. Thankfully though that Ciel has no intention of letting go of his revenge ^__^

At the end of the OVA, they showed us the preview for second season of Kuroshitsuji. Gintama anyone?

hell yes!!

Art 7/10
Story 6/10
Sound 7/10
Character 8/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 7/10

Thursday, December 17, 2009

xxxHolic Shunmuki

I am kinda a fan of xxxHolic. I enjoyed both of the seasons and I think Doumeki is hot. But that is out of topic.

xxxHolic Shumuki is the OVA which was released in winter 2008 and consists of 2 episodes.

The story pretty much is basically a short continuation from the second season. Watanuki has to repay the price to those people who have saved him back then: Himawari - the promised of true smile, Doumeki - trust and gratitude and then there was Syaoran.

This is Syaoran. Honestly, I can't remember if I have seen him in xxxHolic before...

Then Haruka-san requested that Watanuki helped him out with 5 things since he wanted to thank him, and so together with Doumeki, he completed those tasks. At the end of the tasks, Watanuki met Sakura-chan, Syaoran's girlfriend.

Watanuki comforting Sakura-chan

Apparently Watanuki and Syaoran are alike.

Eh?!!! I just realized that Syaoran and Sakura are from Tsubasa Chronicles. Could this really be? No wonder Sakura seemed so familiar... Crossover FTW? Because Syaoran did say that Watanuki is his other self. WTF I'm confused!

Then Watanuki got back from dreamland, he met Yuuko and promised to fulfill her wish. Looks like we might have a third season coming? Yay!!

After I read Glo's comment on his top ten worst anime characters, I begin to see Watanuki in different light. I have always like him and still does I guess but I can see that he can really be annoying at times too, which was why he got a spot on Glo's list. To be fair though he was made/designed to be the comic relief of this show. There are no changes on other characters as well. Doumeki and Yuuko are still the same quirky and eccentric.

The same can be said about the voice actors and the art/animation. No changes from the two seasons which provide consistency and in my book consistency is good. The OP song was pretty chillaxing and catchy while the ED was more melodious.

If you want to watch this OVA, I suggest that you watch the two seasons first otherwise you'll be thoroughly out of the loops.

Art 7/10
Story 6/10
Sound 8/10
Characters 8/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 7/10

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gintama: Shiroyasha Koutan

OMG this was supposed to be the promotional video for Gintama the movie: The Birth of Shiroyasha? Why the hell we did not get to see the movie?!?!!

oh wait. That's because it was a fucking troll!! LMAO

Damn I should have known! Gintama just fucking trolled my ass and like always I fucking love it!

The animation quality for first part of the OVA is awesome, like it always does whenever Gintama got on serious mode. The second part of the OVA though is of the typical Gintama.

You get to see all your favorite characters, none were left out. That is how caring Gintama is towards their fans, who despite getting trolled, still love this shit. It was probably because we do want to see a movie made or simply because we all eager to learn about Gintoki's past. Even though this is fake, it is still made of awesomeapplesauce.

Gin-san and his beautiful quote

As a Gintamards, I have no problem being bias as fuck and will give this OVA 10 out of 10 because Gintoki is freaking amazing. So are the fights, the troll, the jokes, the troll, the naked Hasegawa, Zura janai Katsura da, the troll, Shinpachi got cut into half, the troll, the mini Gin-san, the Joui, the troll, Shinsuke losing his eyes, the troll, and more trolls. XD

Here is the OVA. I'm sure you are so going to fucking love this :)

Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Sound 10/10
Character 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 10/10

Winter 2010 ANIME

What to expect this winter?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kyou no Go no Ni OVA 2: Treasure Chest

The class of 5-2 is back to bring more of the subtle mature humor in this OAD! Say aye class! AYE!!!

As usual the girls and the boys are against each other, competing and arguing about every single things. The OAD has 4 segments. It start with them having to clean their school backyard (it was summer). Then the boys found a pillbug and were fascinated by it. Of course the girls were afraid of the bugs, except for Aihara (she's cool like that).

Yes Tsubasa, that grass is called 'molest'. LOL

After they are done with the cleaning, they got to use the pool.

Aihara went up against Natsumi even though she can't swim (like I said, she's fucking cool like that) ^o^

The boys who were grateful towards Aihara decided to help her out.

Believe in us who believe in you!

Needless to say, the attempt was a phailure. LOL

After that, they are back in class and it's already autumn. In one segment they are obsessed with Saoto's head/hair that looks like maple leaf. I love what transpired next. hehehe

For the winter segment, they are playing snow fight. Heh, the boys lost, as per usual. I swear Natusmi has a dick in her pants! XD

Of course I do, Saoto! *nods wisely*

This somehow lead to the girls having a breast measurement in the infirmary. They don't even wear brassier yet so WTH? Anyway, Saoto, as always, comes to the infirmary at the wrong time so yeah ^__^"

In the last segment of this OAD, to gain his friends attention, Saoto called them names and havoc ensued. We got to see the kind of interaction Saoto and Chika has though. Heh, it was sweet to say the least.

The songs (there are plenty, one for every segment) are sang by the Friends, just like in the previous series. I like the third song the most though.

The characters still used the same voice actors as in the series so I like the consistency of their personalities. No changes in the character design or how the story is written either which are another good point about this OAD. It just feels like I am continuing with the series instead of watching a separate episode of the anime.

Lastly, I've got to say that Aihara remains to be my favorite. I can't resist weird character. I swear it's a curse!

Art 8/10
Story 8/10
Sound 9/10
Character 9/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 8/10